#186 street 1019 Sangkat Khmuonh, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh +855 95 45 67 62
About One of Almond Group’s latest ventures, the menu at Uy Kuyteav restaurant is inspired by Cambodia’s profusion of herbs.

We take our name from a national favourite, kuyteav, a nourishing rice noodle soup that is enjoyed by young and old throughout the country. You find it everywhere from Mom’s kitchen to food stalls and street vendors.

Uy Kuyteav founder and renowned Cambodian chef Luu Meng has perfected the taste of this popular dish. The soup is lovingly prepared with quality pork bones cooked slowly to extract a most flavourful broth.
There are over 10 types of kuyteav to choose from, and that’s just the beginning!

Each dish is prepared with utmost care and love in a responsible, home-cooked style. Local beverages, including our own Luu Meng blend coffee and fresh green mango juice, plus a selection of teas and other fruit juices are available to complement your meal.

Only prime ingredients, starting from Cambodia’s fresh herbs and spices such as the Protected Geographic Indication Kampot pepper make it into our dishes. And it doesn’t get much more authentic than marinated Goby fish slow cooked in Cambodian green curry with slices of young palm fruit and tender eggplant, one of many dishes on offer.

We serve regional variants of Cambodian dishes, like Battambang sour soup and Takeo-style Bong kong or giant Mekong river prawns, and serve original creations such as our bone marrow steak marinated with Cambodian herbs, natural sea salt and Kampot pepper.

We warmly invite you to celebrate and enjoy Phnom Penh’s most delicious and sought after rice noodle soup and much more at Uy Kuyteav